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A to Z - What we do!

A to Z - What we do!

Asphalt or hotmix 
...The correct term is Asphaltic Concrete. This is the smooth black surface commonly used to finish off a carpark or road. It can be laid in thicknesses from 25mm upward and is commonly 25 to 40mm thick. It is laid hot and rolled in.
...This is the small four-wheeled drive machine used for small earthworks projects. They come with numerous attachments, including drills, road sweepers, road milling, drills as well as four in one buckets.
...These are available in the small to very large size range; great for pushing and spreading anything from other machines to clay, metal, sand and topsoil.
Carpark Construction 
...If you have a design and plans already completed, give GilesCivil Ltd a call and we will visit your site and give you a free Quotation for the Project from clearing to lighting and linemarking if required. Remember we work to any finish you require including concrete, chipseal, hotmix, cobbles, Gobi Blocks, compacted basecourse and lime chips.
...Chainsaw. Need a man with a chainsaw, give us a call.
Clearing : Mulching
...A great environmental method of clearing a site of all the vegetation on site is to mulch using a digger and or a tractor. This is then stockpiled for reuse. It can even be spread on finished surfaces as a ground mulch to help retain water in planting areas (a natural economical alternative to using bark).
...These are varied in shape, size and colour and are usually made from clay or concrete. They look really pleasing to the eye and are great for carparks, footpaths and driveways as a whole area or to beautify and highlight special areas. These are made in different thicknesses to suit either commercial / industrial or domestic applications. All good paving that has stood the test of time has had one thing in common, that is a good foundation and pavement layer under it. Come and see GilesCivil Ltd for the right information. We can come up with a design to ensure your paving looks good and lasts the test of time.
Concrete Crib Walls
...These are a specialized type of wall, which consist of precast concrete "panels". They are more complicated to construct, as it is very important to get the start point correct. The "flat slope of 1 horizontal to 4 vertical means they use up a lot of space. GilesCivil can handle all aspects of your concrete crib wall design & construction.
Concrete Sawing
...Yes, you can saw concrete. We have diamond tipped blade saws capable of sawing 100 mm plus. We handle the small jobs in house and use specialised concrete sawing companies for those big jobs.
Concrete Removal
...In today's environmentally conscious world, most concrete that is disposed of is now recycled by crushing. GilesCivil can remove unwanted concrete (including reinforced) from your site and arrange for disposal. With large quantities of around 300 cub metres or more the option of on site crushing becomes economical.
Concrete Work 
...Concrete is one of the most versatile and useful products available. Concrete is the end product of a recipe of cement and aggregate. The mixes and finishes including colours are endless. We handle the straight forward jobs in house, and have specialized labour-only subcontractors who do the final finish. If you are after a particular finish or see a driveway you like, note down the address and we will check it out and try and match up the finish.
Digger Hire
...We have the digger that is right for your job. If you don't know what you need GilesCivil Ltd can visit your site and ensure you have the right machine. We can hire any machine for any length of time from hours, days, weeks and longer. See also Excavators.
...Stormwater, Sanitary Sewer, Public Drainage, Private Drainage, Flooding Problems, Septic tanks and soakage Systems we do the lot. We look forward to solving your particular drainage problems from water running in the basement garage to flooding in the office, our full range of skills allows us to think outside the square, to investigate and fix your problem.
...Our diggers come with augers specially set up for posthole drilling. We can drill holes up to 3metre deep at sizes of 200, 300, 400 & 500mm diameter. We can use special equipment to drill up to 6m deep.
Driveway & Carpark design
...We are the Carpark Professionals. We can give you a complete design & construction package for driveways and carparks, both domestic and commercial, new and repairs / rebuilds to existing. We understand the design problems and can give you a competitive price to construct, rebuild and repair. Including roadmarking parking areas, arrows and no parking areas etc. We look at and listen to your requirements including budget and come up with the best solutions to meet your requirements. Go on give the Carpark Doctor a call.
Driveway Construction
...If you have a design and plans already completed give GilesCivil Ltd a call we will visit your site and give you a free Quotation for the Project from clearing and excavation to sweeping the finished product clean. Remember we work to any finish you require including Concrete, chipseal, hotmix, cobbles, Gobi Blocks, compacted basecourse and lime chips.
...This is our specialty. Earthworks usually involve the reshaping of the landscape to a new design and can be anything from a subdivision development to a house cut. In most cases the topsoil layer is stripped from the work area, and the underlying ground excavated or filled to the desired level. Excavated material is either used for filling on site, stockpiled for future use or carted off site; either to other sites or to landfills. The filled areas are compacted to design criteria. The topsoil can then be respread if required. GilesCivil can handle all you earthworks requirements. Tip fees of surplus spoil from job sites are a big cost in most developments today. In carrying out earthworks it is extremely important that the various materials do not get mixed. It is easier to find free tips for clean clay. There is generally a surplus of topsoil in Auckland and this more often than not requires payment of tip fees to dispose of it. (see topsoil screening). The worst scenario for tip fees is the disposal of mixed topsoil, building materials, vegetation and clay: you pay by weight at a landfill. GilesCivil can keep your site clean and tidy and dispose of the separate materials in the most economical way.
Emergency Work
...Our expertise with clearing, heavy equipment and site clearance makes GilesCivil ideally situated to handle emergency work. If you have an emergency situation give us a call.
...If you need a hole for any reason, Pool, Parking Bay, House Foundations give GilesCivil a call we have the right machine for your site including wheelbarrow and shovel if there is no access.
...(Also called diggers) These are probably the most useful piece of machinery on a construction site. Being able to dig, drill, mulch, load, spread and much more, there is not much the modern excavator cannot do. The trick is having the right machine for the job. Excavators range from 0.5 Tonnes up to 40 Tonnes and beyond. They come in steel, rubber tracks and wheels with various widths and attachments. There are drill attachments, mulching attachments and blades. GilesCivil is able to assess your situation and provide the right excavator for your need. With one of our experienced operators we can provide you with the most economical solution to your excavation needs.
Floor base preparation
...This work is commonly grouped within our range of work and includes hardfill and sand base immediately below a concrete floor. Our staff understands this work and the very tight constraints of levels. We have laser levels available to assist us in achieving this.
Foundation Excavation
...For fast and efficient excavation and drilling of your foundations give GilesCivil a call. We can do it all including sites with limited access requiring wheelbarrow and shovels.
Gabion Walls
...These are rock filled baskets, which are constructed in brick like rows. They are commonly used in stream and slip situations and are very cost effective in awkward situations. Typically these baskets are 2 metres by 1 metre by 1 metre in size. They are labour intensive but very strong. GilesCivil can handle all aspects of your Gabion wall design & construction.
Concrete Grass Cells 
...These are known by trade names such as Gobi blocks. There are a number of different sizes and shapes. When completed the cells are filled with good quality topsoil and grassed. The grassed area takes up about 35% of the surface area. These cells are particularly effective in widening driveways and providing additional parking areas. As with all surface construction the finished product is only as good as the base preparation and drainage. GilesCivil can offer advice, design and handle the complete construction.
Grass Cutting
...Cutting of berms to acres of paddock. Using tractor-mounted slashers to hand mowers GilesCivil can do the lot
...See Asphalt
...GilesCivil is constantly looking for better and smarter ways of working. We constantly look at and rethink all work methods and materials allowing us to provide our customers with the best innovations available.
...Coming soon. In the meantime we'll stick to fishing.
Kerbing Precast
...GilesCivil can supply and lay your kerbs. A kerb basically performs two tasks.
1. It is an edge restraint and protector to your finished surface.
2. It also is used as a wheel stop to park against.
A kerb can be poured with or without a channel. A channel is recommended when water is to be run along the kerb face. Different kerb profiles are also available from domestic to commercial and mountable.
Kerbing Slip Form
...Sometimes called extruded kerb. These are a continuous concrete kerb extruded through a kerbing machine. These look good and are fantastic and economical in large quantities. Different kerb profiles are available from garden edging to standard and mountable roading kerbs.
Keystone walls
...These are a specilised concrete block wall; made of interlocking concrete blocks. They are incredibly strong and can be made very high with a near vertical slope.
Labour Hire
...Some jobs require manpower whether it is due to tight access or just plain economics of the situation. GilesCivil can provide you with competent hardworking labourers.
...We specialise in linemarking for commercial carparks. A bright freshly painted carpark helps your customers and clients as well as reserving those hard to find carparks for the staff (& boss). We can handle all the handicapped, no parking and other lines.
Metal supply
...If you need metal supplied to your site for whatever reason from truck and trailer loads to car trailer loads. We have access to all of Auckland Quarries from Matakana in the North to the sand plants on the Waikato River in the South. The cheapest form of delivery is by truck and trailer but remember a truck and trailer will require a turning circle of 16 m, this is a lot of space but very economical if you can make the space available.
Never say die
...The GilesCivil "can do" attitude. We love a challenge: the attached pictures are of a 100m long, 3 metre diam arch culvert constructed at Snell's Beach.
Operator only supply
...These guys are good. They are not labourers. These are skilled and competent operators. However you will have to book ahead as these guys are in hot demand.
Potholes and hotmix repairs
...No job is too small; even a small pothole can be a danger for your staff, family and customers. We have all the gear to do the whole pothole repair. It is not just filling a hole. The job must be done properly to ensure it will last. Believe it or not there is actually a science and skill to this work. It is a lot cheaper to repair a small hole correctly than rebuild a carpark in a couple of year's time. Allowing water to get into the pavement is a potential long-term disaster. Get it fixed and water proofed by GilesCivil, the carpark Professionals.
Project Management
...For any Civil Engineering Project to succeed you require the competent and professional project management of GilesCivil. Sometimes on a building site, the role of project management of the site works is given to the Builder on site by default. Would you ask your GP to do Brain Surgery? I think not. As with your project it will require specialists. If your project needs to be a success you need GilesCivil. We have a track record of delivering. See our Project Photos
Quiet achievers
...Because we understand your project we just get on with it.
Road Broom 
...Our road broom has a self loading bucket so we are able to sweep and pick up the spoil at the same time.
Road Furniture
...GilesCivil can supply and install all road furniture. What we mean is slides, chairs, bus shelters, bollards, road signs and what ever else you see on the side of the road.
...Private, subdivision and public roads. Either rehabilitation extensions or new roads, GilesCivil are the right team for your road project.
...Whatever your roadmarking needs we are able to meet them. We are able to setout and paint new markings, remove old markings and repaint old markings
Rock walls
...These are a specialised wall used more for decoration and they do not have much retaining strength. We can put you in touch with reputable stonemasons who specialise in these structures.
Roller Hire
...All types of roller are available for hire. For example rubber tired, steel wheel static and vibratory, sheepsfoot self propelled, static and vibratory. This is a situation where size does count and too big can be just as frustrating as too small. Give GilesCivil a call, we can help select the right item of plant for your compaction needs.
...Whatever your requirements we can supply and deliver the lot. The products vary from graded to GAP graded. Give GilesCivil a call. We can help calculate your quantities and the type of product you require. If you need scoria delivered to your site for whatever reason from truck and trailer loads to car trailer loads. We have access to all of Auckland Quarries. The cheapest form of delivery is by truck and trailer but remember a truck and trailer will require a turning circle of 16 m, this is a lot of space but very economical if you can make the space available.
...Chip sealing is a layer of bitumen with a very clean washed sealing chip rolled into the bitumen. It forms a waterproof layer, this is a very economical method of sealing the basecourse, but it provides very little strength. Therefore the foundation and pavement must be strong and built to last. GilesCivil can do the job.
...This often overlooked tool can save a lot of money if you have a small job or limited access. GilesCivil have the skill and expertise to use it.
Silt Control
...The environmental damage caused by silt run off from construction sites is taken very seriously. Council's in the Auckland region commonly hand out fines of up to $20,000 for silt pollution. The best solution is proactive prevention and control. There are numerous guidelines and specification for preventing silt control. As well as the obvious pollution of streams and waterways, Council's take a tough line of mud tracked onto the road. GilesCivil can assist you with all silt control work. GilesCivil staff have attended Auckland Regional Council Silt Control Prevention Courses.
...We can handle the complete subdivision works from a two lot subdivision upwards to one hundred lots or more. GilesCivil can undertake earthworks, drainage, services, roading to completion. We understand subdivision design and can provide you a competitive pricing package.
Survey and Setout
...This is the key to getting your project built successfully. Good survey control prevents costly mistakes in over excavation and helps ensure no ponding on the completed surface. All this allows Gilescivil to give you the most competitive quotation because any chance of error is minimized. If required GilesCivil can undertake a survey of the ground before and after excavation using the latest GPS survey equipment, this will then give the actual volume of material removed or cut to fill. This is a fantastic tool for accurate measurement of all sized jobs especially ones of irregular shape.
Those really difficult jobs that no one wants to do 
...Call the team at GilesCivil.  Nothing is impossible with a 'can do' attitude. GilesCivil look forward to this challenge.
Timber Retaining Walls 
...These are cost effective with wall heights over 4m. GilesCivil can handle all aspects of your timber wall design and construction. We have machine mounted drilling augers and all the expertise and experience to construct timber retaining walls.
Topsoil Screening 
...In some situations where there is sufficient quantity and quality we can hire in a mobile screening plant to reuse the soil on site or even screen and sell the soil. Otherwise we can bulk buy good quality topsoil as required.
Topsoiling and grassing
...Hard to believe how different this can be but GilesCivil do the lot.  From the council berm outside your house to the hectares of newly formed subdivisions to mulching and hydroseeding using specialist grass seed and fertilizers.
Traffic control
...GilesCivil has trained staff who have completed courses on HCH Traffic Management.  When working on the road we have the equipment to ensure work place safety.
Traffic Signs and Road Furniture
...GilesCivil can supply and install all road furniture. What we mean is slides, chairs, bus shelters, bollards, road signs and whatever else you see on the side of the road.
Truck Hire
...GilesCivil has all the trucks you require from Hiabs, 4 wheelers, 6 wheelers, 8 wheelers, articulated units and truck and trailers. If you want materials shifted give GilesCivil a call now.
Underchannels & Subsoil Drains
...An underchannel is a scoria and novaflow drain connecting to cesspits ensuring that the ground water is kept below the pavement basecourse. These are sometimes overlooked but they add great long-term life to your road and/or carpark. They can also be cleaned if required. Subsoil drains are also installed to drain wet areas and to keep the water table low.
Vehicle Crossings
...The vehicle access point from your boundary to the road, normally made of concrete and occasionally hotmix. These need to be inspected by the local council prior to the concrete being poured. The specification on these vary depending on which area your site is in. GilesCivil is able to take the hassle out of getting it right. Contact us for your free quote.
Wheel barrow
...This often overlooked tool can save a lot of money if you have a small job or limited access. GilesCivil have the skill and expertise to use it.  See also "Shovel".
Wooden Retaining Walls
...Wooden Retaining Walls are the most cost effective. These walls can be used for both fill and cut solutions from 0.15 metres to 4 or 5 metres in height.  Any wall over 1 metre in height requires Council Approval. These walls are usually constructed at a slope of 1 horizontal to 10 vertical. Wooden retaining walls usually consist of round timber posts set in concrete and timber rails, nailed on. GilesCivil can take care of all aspects of a timber retaining wall.
Xcavation & Xcavators
...If you need a hole for any reason, pool, parking bay, house foundations give GilesCivil a call, we have the right machine for your site including wheelbarrow and shovel if there is no access.
Yellow Brick Roads
...This is not a fairy tale we can road mark out safety areas and no parking areas in yellow. Yellow coloured concrete and clay pavers are also available if required.
Zoo Cleaning 
...Just to get a Z. If needed we can arrange zoo doo poo to be delivered to you. And for cleaning out the lion cage, we all draw straws! Love those meerkats.